• Jerry Rouillard

River, Stay 'Way From My Door

Nearly a month from the time we were scheduled to begin our season's operations, and we're still dealing with near flood conditions in the Pepin Marina. Makes me mildly impatient, but, of course, nature will have its way, and no serious damage has really resulted from all this high water. Wind Song is secure in her new berth on Pepin Marina's E dock, close to one of the area's most popular watering holes, the Pickle Factory. The delay has provided additional time to complete some improvements ahead of schedule and we have had a chance to work on a new web site that will eventually replace this one.

In actuality, the cool weather has also slowed demand for early sailing, so precious little has actually been lost to our sailing season at this point. Still, however, we are anxious to get started with our new instruction program, and it's going to take some consistently good sailing conditions to get back on track. Luckily that shouldn't take much longer, if we are even remotely close to seasonal norms. I know that's a big presumption, but experience tells me it's more likely than not. Besides, I'm an incurable optimist!

By the way, does anyone recognize the above song title and remember who sang it?

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