• Jerry Rouillard

Getting Ready for the Season

It's been a tough Spring, but it looks like the good ship Wind Song will splash before the end of April - if we're lucky! Right now, Lake Pepin's level is nearly a foot above flood stage at the Pepin Marina, and we're still high and dry in the marina parking lot. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be yet another week before the level drops low enough for the boats to start going back in the marina. Here's a link to the latest info on the river:

What it all means is that our season will start a little later this year - probably the middle of May before we are ready for tours and training. That's the bad news. The good news is that it gives us more time to get some projects finished up with the boat still on the hard. Somehow, no matter how carefully we plan, it's still a relief to have more time than we thought we needed to get everything done before we're in the water.. Some things are just a lot easier to do on land than they are afloat. and it's a lot easier to stay dry!!

The other benefit is that we get a little more time to complete the requirements for affiliating our training curriculum with the NauticEd, the new sail training organization that is pioneering the breakthrough online training and certification process that is shaking up the sailing industry. This is a really exciting opportunity for us, and we will be putting out a lot more information in upcoming blog posts.

Stay tuned!!!

Captain Jerry

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